Can You Dig It!

CWC Students are up to some cool things. Below are photographs of Western American Studies archaeology students, Professor Todd Guenther and CWC Alumna Jordan Stapley working to uncover stories from the past in the Red Desert. Photographs and information provided by William Elder.

The back story of this Red Desert dig: In April of 2014, CWC graduate Jordan Stapley was awarded the David Reiss Memorial Scholarship. This undergraduate research opportunity was awarded to further investigate a ceramic site in the Red Desert that was discovered on a Bureau of Land Management and CWC field excursion in 2013. Jordan, who is continuing her studies at UW, kept close ties with the college’s Anthropology Department. With the help of Todd Guenther and Western American Studies students, the team excavated a one meter by one meter test unit to recover any buried materials such as pottery and lithic material. The group sifted dirt, gathered artifacts, took copious notes and mapped levels in which artifacts were found. The artifacts gathered are to be analyzed over the next few months in preparation for the 2015 Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists and Wyoming Archaeological Society conventions!

Those involved were CWC graduate Jordan Stapley, CWC Professor Todd Guenther, William Elder, Morgan Robins, Chelsea Cheney, Eli Mrak and Bart Stapley.




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