Intro to Environmental Science Class Goes Wild; Yellowstone Wild

Wells Jones with Elk Rack

The trip to Yellowstone was the highlight of my semester.It was an amazing blend of adventure, exploration, and learning. We gallivanted around beautiful country with wolves, elk, bison, coyotes, and eagles. This was the best field trip I have been on. -Wells Jones, CWC student

This past week Professor Jacki Klancher and students from her biology 1080 class – Intro to Environmental Science – left the classroom and went into the wilds to study the ecology of one of the world’s most intact ecosystems. See the photos of their amazing trip to Yellowstone in the winter below.

During their trek, students met with wildlife biologists and Park interpreters, and participated in a day of field research analyzing wolf behavior, and learning first-hand how to integrate their wilderness travel skills with scientific methodologies.

Photos provided by Jacki Klancher and Jaclyn Bly.

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