What are YOU doing after graduation?

The future looks bright! Check out what some graduates plan to do after CWC!


Dora Boyce

Dora Boyce is continuing her education at Montana State University in Bozemen, MT. She is going to continue to work in ceramics and pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.



Elias Whiteplume

 Elias Whiteplume plans to head down to Colorado and work as a mechanic.



Masai Abdur-Rasheed



Masai-Abdur Rasheed is going to take some time to focus on his boxing career in Colorado. He then plans to apply to Portland State and major in film editing.

Jake Scheer



Jake Scheer is transferring to Portland State to get a Bachelors in Screenwriting.



Toni Born

Toni Born who completed the Dental Assistant program at CWC, has already landed a job as a dental assistant at Rendezvous Medical.

Laurence Miles

Theatre major Laurence Miles, who has  written three, one act plays, is going to write a novel!

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