CWC Professor Jacki Klancher Completes the Elite Transcontinental Bicycle Tour!

Congratulations to our very own Jacki Klancher who put her body to the test by completing the Elite Transcontinental Cycling Tour. Jacki and a group of  15 riders cycled from San Diego, California to Tybee Island, Georgia in 18 riding days.  2,785 miles total, equaling roughly 160 miles a day!

Jacki said of the tour.. “The ride was all I had hoped for – challenging, exciting, daunting and delightful. My body held up a little better than it did two years ago, and this time around I rode EFI (every freaking inch) of the 2785 miles. We persevered through convective storms that flooded roads and bottom brackets, winds that rattled chakras, and on bottoms with saddle sores – ohhhhh the saddle sores – that can lead a woman to the drink, and the brink. I had two mechanicals – one major, one fixed (like magic) on the fly, and finished one day on a loaner bike. All was resolved, however, and my steed took me to the end of the road, and onto the shores of the Atlantic.”

Congratulations Jacki! CWC is truly inspired by your courage, energy and passionate ways.

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