Sinks Canyon Center Dirt

Get the dirt on what’s happening at CWC’s Sinks Canyon Center! Sinks Canyon Center Dirt are blog posts brought to you by our students living at SCC! Check out what they have been up to and follow along here!


Earlier this spring, students living at the CWC Sinks Canyon Center started an effort to revitalize our modest garden and greenhouse. Originally based around the Outdoor Education degree practicum, two students, Aspen Kentzel and myself, Gregory Skidmore, formed a plan with CWC staff with the intention of setting into motion a model for small scale agriculture for our region and a platform for future environmental initiatives at the SCC campus.

Since the middle of June, a new hand has joined us in our efforts. Kara Colovich, a University of Montana alumnus, is a welcome addition to our little team. As summer is in full swing, we have made some headway in developing systems and habits for tending to our crops and other components that are vital to our success.

Planting began in late May. We’ve chosen an assortment of vegetables and fruit and have high hopes that we’ll have a decent yield in the late summer and fall. Check out our pictures and watch us grow!


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