Native Nations building course to start in Spring

Central Wyoming College instructor of American Indian studies, Tarissa Spoonhunter will teach a new course titled Native Nations Building which will start in the spring semester. The course, encouraged by Arapaho and Shoshone tribal leaders, will focus on the effectiveness and ineffectiveness tribal governments in the United States and Canada have faced or are currently facing.

This course will help students understand the constitutional reform and intergovernmental relations of tribes with state and federal officials. It will also look at the economical develop of successes and downfalls within tribes throughout the United States.

“This will give tribes the tools they need to govern effectively,” Spoonhunter said. “Cultural presentations need to fit the need of current issues tribes face.”

Spoonhunter has worked for Native Nations Institute of Leadership, Management and Policy in Tucson, Arizona. The program started in Harvard and is a training institute for emerging leaders that have done case studies on intertribal relationships, tribal governance and the economic development of the government’s info-structure.

The course is for tribal leaders, program managers, tribal members, business managers who work with tribes and for local and state officials.

To register for this course, please contact CWC Registration and Records at 855-2115 or if you have questions you can contact Tarissa Spoonhunter at 855-2240.


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