How the West was won-an homage to the spirits art exhibit

Selections from a five year span of work produced by artist and poet, Lynn Smith, will be in the

Robert A. Peck Arts Center gallery Jan. 11 through Feb. 7. There will be a closing reception featuring spoken word and poetry presented by Darrah Perez and other artists will be Feb. 4 from 6 to 7:30 pm.

All are welcome to come; hear poetry and meet the artists.

The art exhibit portrays the spirit world as it stares out from framed works with symbolical presence of the West and what it swept away…intense and beautiful. Smith experiments with a simple filigree style of drawing to create a vibrating body of work. The series asks the viewer to explore the boundaries of history and present day relationships. The pen and ink art exhibit presents 40 works from a nearly 80 piece series that started in 2010.

More than 50 years of constant productivity, Smith’s conceptual work has spanned media and styles that range from large wooden sculpture, oil painting, pastel and ink drawing to performance, sound and music.

Throughout the past 20 years, he has developed a large collection of poems and short stories. This show and Lynn’s restless journey have their origins on the family farm and ranch of his childhood, near Graham Texas. Drought, poverty and the disintegration of family left him to roam the open spaces where he saw evidence of a world lost by the Native Americans whose spirits he felt watching. At 14, he left the farm for the oilfield and traveled, often untethered to the West Coast, Northwest, and East to New York City and later deep into Latin America. He experienced many cultures along the way which have been reflected in his numerous exhibits.

Always a productive artist, Lynn Smith has maintained studios and exhibited in California, New York City, Oregon, Seattle, Caracas, Venezuela, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Texas and now Wyoming. He’s also been featured on National Television across Canada and the United States. He is now living in Lander to be near his daughter and granddaughter.

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