Rustler Spotlight-Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts, a past graduate from the automotive program, decided to go back to college to pursue a degree in computer technology. He will graduate this May with a degree an associate’s degree in computer technology.

“Auto is good to fall back on but my passion is computers,” Roberts said. “I eat, breath and sleep computers.”

Roberts said he would like to work for a few years before attending a four year college to pursue a double major in data base administration and another computer related program to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“Ideally I would like to work for a big data company; start as a systems analysis, an entry level position, and work my way into a data base administrative position,” Roberts said.

Currently Roberts is receiving real-life experience on a project with instructor of computer technology, Matt Herr. Roberts is setting up a linux server for a project. Roberts is also an intern for Herr.

Herr nominated Roberts for student of the week.

“In addition to his studies, Justin has served as a computer technology lab assistant and has helped numerous students with their studies and with various technology problems,” Herr said. “Justin has been the go to person on campus when students have had computer problems. He goes above and beyond all expectations in the classroom and when performing his job in computer lab.”


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