And the Winners are…

With the recent construction for the “One Stop” process at CWC, the college decided it needed a new name. A competition for naming the new area which will allow students to do all their admission needs for attending college all in one place, was open for all students, employees and community members to submit their ideas for a name.

After all the names were submitted a committee was formed to decide on the new name of the “one stop.”

Two people submitted the winning name, CWC student Abbey Morales and Dubois community member, Connie Ticknor!

“I’ve been touring a lot of colleges and I liked some of the names they had for their one stops,” Morales said. “Like the “Hive” for Black Hills State University and their mascot is the hornets. I wanted something with a cool name that was hip.”

Morales said she played with words and wanted something that was fun and inviting.

Ticknor said she saw the contest on County 10 and just started thinking of names.

“I was just brainstorming and trying to make it go with Rustlers and since it’s central the name just fit,” Ticknor said.

The new name for CWC’s “one stop” is RUSTLER CENTRAL.

“I can’t wait until it opens,” Morales said. “I’m glad there’s something tangible that I’ll be able to leave behind at CWC.”

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