Rustler Spotlight-Brenda McIntyre

Brenda McIntyre is a Fremont County local currently taking pre-requisite courses to qualify for acceptance into the nursing program at CWC.

“I want to become a nurse so I can pay it forward,” McIntrye said. “I was in a car accident in 2014 and those nurses really supported me. I want to do the same someday.”

The car accident left McIntyre with six broken bones, in a wheel chair and out of work for more than a year. Not letting these obstacles stop her and knowing she needed a change, McIntyre enrolled at CWC with motivation and support from others.

McIntyre said she would like to be a nurse in Fremont County until her two children are grown and then would like to become a traveling nurse.

McIntyre was nominated by Paula Hartbank, student support services education coordinator.

“Brenda is a focused, hardworking individual who spends a lot of time in the Student Success Center,” Hartbank said. “She is always positive and strives to do her best in all her classes and is always willing to help other students. Brenda served on a student panel during CWC’s spring in-service which suggested possible changes to administration and faculty to help students complete their academic goals. Brenda is a wife and a mom of two young children.”


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