Rustler Spotlight-Regent Cloutier

Raised in a military family, Regent Cloutier grew up in many places. A past graduate from two colleges in California with an associate of theatre arts degree and a bachelors in environmental studies, an injury brought Cloutier back to college.

After talking with a friend who was in CWC’s geography program, Cloutier contacted Jacki Klancher, associate professor of environmental health to find out more about the geospatial information science and technology program. Vocational Rehab also helped Cloutier get started back to school; buying him a computer that he would need for the GIST program that Cloutier enrolled in.

“The state program, which helps pay for my tuition, will hire me once I’ve completed my degree,” Cloutier said. Although Cloutier will graduate this May with an applied science degree, he plans to continue at CWC.

“After 30 years I didn’t know what kind of student I’d be,” Cloutier said. “Turns out I’m a good student and now I’m a lab assistant and a tutor.”

Cloutier was nominated by Klancher.

“Reggie is an environmental scientist who returned to academic study at CWC to expand his skills, and broaden his career options in the field of GIST,” Klancher said. “Reggie demonstrates consistently exemplary personal, peer and academic leadership. Not only does he deliver high quality classroom work, but also devotes tremendous energy to his peers as a tutor and classmate. Reggie’s attitude is consistently positive and enthusiastic, his work ethic phenomenal, and his aptitude and appetite for all things related to GIST is exceptional.”

In his free time Cloutier likes whatever adventure he can find.


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