Rustler Spotlight-Logan Kay

Logan Kay is a freshman from Thermopolis and is studying communications and radio broadcasting. He chose CWC because of the radio program. Kay also decided to pursue a degree in communications because he felt if you can communicate with people you can get any job.

“Radio is something I’ve always wanted to do,” Kay said. “I’m not a huge fan of being on the air and being a DJ but I enjoy production and making fun, weird noises for programs.”

Kay has one more year at CWC and then he will transfer to the University of Wyoming to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

“I hope to work for a radio station in sales or production; if not I’ll go wherever the road takes me,” Kay said.

Kay was nominated by CWC’s marketing office; Lori Ridgway, Laura Phagan and Jamie Storrow.

“Logan has been an asset to the marketing team and has been essential to helping launch the new website,” marketing said. “He is a hard worker, always willing to help and brings ideas to the group from a great perspective.”loganKay_4642blog

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