CWC goes to CNFR

CWC Rustlers Kaylee Burnett and Coltin Hill to compete in the College National Finals Rodeo this upcoming week!

Let’s find out more about our competitors….


Coltin Hill






Q: What events will you compete in at CNFR? 
Kaylee: Barrel racing and goat tying.
Coltin: Steer wrestling.

Q: What is your most memorable rodeo moment? 
Kaylee: My most memorable rodeo moment would be winning the region in barrel racing and the all-around.
Coltin: My most memorable moment in rodeo would be my horse getting AQHA men’s horse of the year for the Central Mountain Rocky Region.

Q: Where did you grow up?
Kaylee: I grew up in Eden, Wyoming. That’s where I have spent my whole life.
Coltin: I was born and raised in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Q: What does it mean to you, to compete in the College National Finals? 
Kaylee: Making the College Finals is a dream come true. It’s everyone’s goal to get there, it’s what we are all working for. To me it shows that all of my hard work has paid off and if you set goals you can reach them.

Q: Do you have any rituals before you go into competition? 
Coltin: Yeah, PRACTICE.

Q: Coltin, can you tell us about your horse, Jack, that was named Men’s Horse of the Year?
Coltin: Jack is an awesome horse very reliable and consistent. He is a blessing to me, because when I was in high school I did not have enough money, me or my parents, to buy a bull dogging horse. I borrowed a horse for two years from Jason Clemens, who I owe huge thanks to –  I could never show him how much I am truly grateful!!!!

Q: Kaylee, can you tell us about the horse you compete with?
Kaylee: I have two that I compete off of; my breakaway and goat horse, Money, and my barrel horse Billy. My favorite thing about Billy is he runs as hard as he can every time. He loves running and has a huge heart. I just started using Money this spring and we have come a long ways together in a short time. Money can be kinda of a brat but then lovable all at the same time. He loves attention.

Q: What’s next in your rodeo career? Do you plan to continue to compete? 
Coltin: I plan on going to CWC for a 4th year and then I plan on going into the PRCA rodeos.
Kaylee: I plan to compete in college rodeo for two more years. I will be back at CWC next year and then I plan to transfer somewhere else for my last year. After college rodeo I want to continue rodeoing. I plan to get my PRCA permit and hopefully be running at some of the professional rodeos.

Q:  Any injuries from competing?
Coltin: I have been really lucky to not have many injuries
Kaylee: I have sprained my ankles tying goats and now I get them wrapped before every run.

Why did you choose CWC?
Coltin: I chose CWC because my friend came here and it was an affordable school that was serious about rodeo.
Kaylee: CWC has a wonderful rodeo program and it was close to home. I also knew a few other people going there and they really like it.

The 2014 College National Finals Rodeo will be held June 15-21st in Casper, Wyoming.

Click here to find schedules, and more info!

GOOD LUCK Kaylee and Coltin!


What Are You Doing After Graduation?

CWC students graduating on Friday fill us in on their future plans…


Zach Kronland
I’m moving to Seattle and attending the Art Institute.

Colin Mcleod
Moving to the Pacific Northwest and working for Adventure Treks.

Brady Beers
I’m going down to Laramie (UW) to pursue a degree in secondary education.

Roozario Wiggins
I’m going to either LSUA or Florida Memorial University to pursue both basketball and my education. I plan to study computer science.

Morgan Hinkle
I’m moving to Laramie and going to UW  in August for their speech pathology program. After that I plan to go to grad school.

Mik Harvey
I am off to UW to study graphic arts.


Photos:  Lanna Rios

Central Film Festival Winners!

Best of Fest Award goes to: Jake Scheer for the film, Case0212

Best Second Year Film Award goes to: Joji Yanagizono for the film, The Third Week

Best First Year Film Award goes to: Karissa Ketelhut for the film, Ambient

Audience Choice Award goes to: Jonnie Crossland for the film, AntiBullying PSA

The other Audience Choice Award goes to: Masai Rasheed for the film, Meet and Greet

Meet the New Coaches

Q&A with new golf coach, Pat Rafferty


Pat Rafferty, CWC’s new golf coach.

Q: What is your past experience with golf, were you a competitor?
A: At Northwest College where I went to school, they had a golf team and I played there, but I have been a passionate golfer since I was a kid.

Q: When will the new golf season start?
A: Next fall we will have two to four events to give us some competition before the start of the spring regionals and nationals.

Q: What interests you in coaching?
A: My father and uncles were all coaches. I grew up around it. I saw the relationships and bonds my dad had with many of his players.

Q: Which athletes inspire you?
A: In a way, all athletes. I have a great sense of appreciation for all the hard work, discipline, drive and commitment athletes have for their sport. Im also inspired by coaches like Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry.

Q: What do your athletes call you?
A: Coach, Coach Raf or Coach Rafferty. One thing I think is important is the distinction that I am friendly, but we are not friends.I require a lot from my athletes and there is a lot of hard work and discipline involved. I have their best in mind, not just as athletes but as people.

Q: What are you goals for a first season?
A: We want to be good. More than competitive.

Q: What do you think makes a good golf competitor?
A: Golf requires so much mentally. It takes 8/10ths of a second to hit a golf shot, but there is so much leading up to that moment. It takes mental focus and concentration.

Q: What is a fun fact about yourself?
A: I am a big fan of the show “Family Guy.”


Q&A with new cross country coach, Al Lara


Al Lara, CWC’s new cross country coach

Q: What is your past experience with cross country, were you a competitor?
A: I started running in the 8th grade. I went out for cross-country and at my first race I got beat by three girls and quit. I decided to train all summer, then went out for the team in the 9th grade. I worked hard at it and became the number one man. Big Improvement.
I competed in high school,  then junior college and then at Fresno State. After college I continued to compete in road races. I was sponsored by Nike for three years and traveled the country competing at a high level.
I have run between 22 and 24 marathons with a personal record of 2:20. I don’t compete anymore, but I still run everyday.

Q: When will the new cross country season start?
A: August 1 is when practice starts. The first meet will be in early September.

Q: What interests you in coaching?
A: I can’t compete anymore so this is a way of extending my passion for running. That and I want to work with kids and see them excel.

Q: Which athletes inspire you?
A: Alberto Salazar. He is a – time New York Marathon champion and Boston Marathon champion. He is my idol. I got the chance to run against him in college and I beat him. I beat him in the half marathon in my hometown of Fresno. Now we are friends. He coaches at an Olympic level- a world class runner. I admire that he is taking his talents and giving back.

Q: What do/will your athletes call you?
A: I  would like to just be, Coach.

Q: What are you goals for a first season?
A: First season is to get enough guys and girls to have a full team.

Q: What do you think makes a good cross country competitor?
A: The will to train hard enough. To give everything you can in practice – that is the only way you are going to excel. My coaches always had us work hard. If you want to be the best, you have to work hard.

Q: What is your coaching style?
A: I want respect, and I am going to respect them. I want the athlete to trust that what I am doing is right.

Q: What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love comedy! Comedy relaxes you after a long day!